A Day at the Dallas Children’s Museum Sep02


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A Day at the Dallas Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum at the Museum of Nature & Science!

Why is the sky blue? 

Our children are so curious.  Everything the world has to offer is of interest to them whether natural or man-made.  Why is the sky blue?  Why does daddy’ face feel the way it does?  Why does a cat make that purring sound?  Why does this trash can smell so yucky?  Why does this cupcake taste so good?   It goes on and on – always exploring, always learning. Why? Why? Why? 

Our children have great imaginations.  One day they may be a cowboy.  The next a ballerina.  The following a dramatic actor.  After that a star athlete.  They can build cities, cook a four-course meal, have the queen over for tea, travel through time and save the world from the bad guys…all in one day.  There is no limit to what they can do.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

With the goal of serving the unique needs of children from infancy to seven years old, MNS has created a space to stimulate a child’s curiosity through a variety of hands-on, sensory experiences that foster a thirst for discovery and knowledge.

In the Children’s Museum, MNS has created the perfect atmosphere where families may learn and explore together – safe, spontaneous, individualized, self-paced, non-linear and exploratory spaces to help children understand themselves and trust in their own choices as they are free to touch, explore and dream.

So…combine your child’s constant quest for answers with his/her vivid imagination…add in the amazing scientific resources at MNS, blend them together with themed play areas overflowing with stimulating adventures and you have ” Come and Explore Your World”



Nature Building: 3535 Grand Avenue in Fair Park, Dallas, TX, 75210
Science Building: 1318 S. 2nd Avenue in Fair Park, Dallas, TX, 75210
Planetarium: 1620 First Avenue in Fair Park, Dallas, TX, 75210
Website: www.natureandscience.org