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Living The Life Coach Culture

Written by Dawn Schale | Region New Jersey :: 

In The Journey of Life, You May Need a Good Life Coach Who Lives What They Have Learned.

Therapy and counseling has acquired a bit of a stigma that only broken or weak people seek. The truth is no matter whom you are or what level of financial success has been attained, everyone needs some outside perspective and input at one point or another. Many people consult with a Coach for help managing their businesses and overall lifestyles.  I’m blessed and proud of this industry serving and assisting in the personal development of others. The Life Coaching market continues to grow leaps and bounds and is currently the second fastest growing industry next to IT in the United States. 

No two coaches are alike nor possess the same objective so it’s imperative to do some research and due diligence before you select one. You want an excellent and credible one that you can entrust your personal affairs to. Many just consider coaching a means of second income while others a hobby of helping others and some sadly use it as a means to build their image and following possessing no formal experience or present accountability.

These days many are self-proclaimed coaches never having submitted themselves to not only deep inner personal work but also proper training possessing no depth or experience beyond a supportive best friend. I have even seen the likes of ‘said coaches’ peruse social media in search of hurting people to “offer their services”. Speaking in to another’s life is a privilege and public service to not be used of any other agenda or objective than to see the client experience optimum opportunity to receive what they need and came for.  A person dedicated to coaching you in to your own truth instead of insisting you listen to theirs is sold out and dedicated to your success. 

My experience with a network of professional doctors opened my eyes to a lot and taught me what not to do. While there was outstanding intellectual ability to discuss how things should be and needed to be there wasn’t much emotional or energetically intuitive substance. Anyone can collect a myriad of book knowledge that has been passed down through centuries but this begs the question, who taught the one’s who wrote those books and why are there still so many people stuck, yearning for something real that they can sink their teeth into that will truly transform their life surrounded by a world full of doctors? 

While not discounting formal education, I concluded there simply is no compensation or replacement learned in a text-book for wisdom that is forged and developed through real life experience and transformation. An excellent Coach listens intently to what a client says as well as what they don’t say.  They reflect back to clients their inner passions, values, priorities, talents and obstacles in a clear and objective manner. An excellent Coach holds clients accountable to their own chosen goals and actions, keep everything that is said in the strictest confidence and protect client’s privacy to the fullest.  A Coach with both intellectual perceptive savvy and up to the minute heart led intuition dispensing relevant wisdom is worth their weight in gold and equipped to ensue you go beyond your coaching goals and personal desires.
Excellent Life Coaches have been found to possess very unique and special life coaching qualifications and the most important and what I consider detrimental, is the ability to connect to a person’s heart earning their trust to open up and share the bare bones of what they are desiring to change in their life. No one will ever have your best interest at heart more than you or truly understand your heart more than you so when you’re seeking someone to entrust your vulnerability to and a space you have apparently found yourself stuck, you want to feel safe, validated and understood. Compassion is a huge element a Coach must possess in their life as well as their commitment to continued personal development with their own coach. 

Laser pointer insight and intuition coupled with my passion for the highest quality human experience on this earth are what drive my strategy. Helping clients discover their own authenticity and natural born abilities that are many times the missing link to reaching their highest potential are centric to my motivation. I am not only dedicated to a code of ethics or guidelines granted by authentication but to the client’s utmost and optimum sustained success. I’m a vessel of service to steer and help awaken clients to what they need for their breakthrough, advancement and achieving their highest good and self-discovery in this journey.  



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