$1B U.S. Goes a Long Way in Egypt Jan02


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$1B U.S. Goes a Long Way in Egypt

Written by Lisa Benson | National Security Consultant ::

Turmoil in Egypt Isn’t Stopping a Shipment of 20 F-16 Fighter Jets Paid For by American Tax-Payer Dollars.

While American’s ate the Christmas ham, gathered with loved ones, and posted messages of “Peace on Earth” on their social media sites this past weekend, an Islamist-backed Egyptian constitution won approval and our U.S. dollars are supporting the effort — a regime that persecutes Coptic Christians and strives for blind obedience and submission by Egyptian women is being supported by US tax-payer dollars.

In the bizarre world of Shariah vs. Shariah (fundamentalist Islamic law), those of us who follow the power play between Sunni and Shi’ite, and Sunni vs. Sunni, recognize the country where the Muslim Brotherhood was founded, Egypt, is also involved in an internal struggle between “moderate” Shariah  and the Shariah of the Salafist Jihadism, and extreme form of Sunni Islam.

To Explain Further: There is no moderate Shariah; but the United States government is backing the government of Egyptian Mohamed Morsi, wrongly believed to be a “moderate” with a foreign aid package of nearly $1 billion, including the delivery on January 22 of 20 F-16 fighter jets, like the one pictured below.

Simply put, why Americans need to respond, quickly: Morsi was democratically elected, but last month attempted to seize dictatorial powers for himself.  After widespread protests and violence in Egypt’s capital of Cairo last month – where moderate women protesting any Shariah were threatened, attacked and raped – Morsi pushed through a controversial new constitution for Egypt that would strictly enforce Islamic Shariah law.

However, the opposition to Morsi, the fundamentalist Salafist Jihadism (recognizable as they dress in white from head to toe) reject democracy; al Qaeda operatives are among their followers. The power play in Egypt between Morsi and the Salafists impacts the fragile and current “cease fire” between Israel and the Iranian backed puppet regimes of the Salafists and Hezbollah. 

In the world of Shariah vs. Shariah, the Muslim Brotherhood has its roots in subjugation of women as illustrated in the writings of Hassan al-Banna, the group’s late founder.  In the weeks leading up to the vote on the constitution, brave Egyptian women took to the streets of Cairo, but their voices were silenced. There is now a constitution in Egypt that allows for a man to divorce his wife is true Islamic barbaric fashion – have a witness, look at her and announce  three time a divorce statement.

Do you think Shariah is consistent with any democratic constitution? The Salafist Jihadis, who are looking for greater control in Egypt, and will probably obtain it, don’t just ask for full Burka covering, but insist on women wearing gloves and completely cover themselves – no exposure of human flesh at all.  The Salafists are a wicked bunch of extremists that are largely responsible for working with Iran to funnel arms to Gaza through tunnels in the Sinai.  They were, in fact, the fundamentalists who assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981.

America, Please Speak Up – A CALL TO ACTION. Included in the aid package is a cash allotment of approximately $450 million.  It is my understanding that this money is given, and predicated upon, the Egyptian government purchasing arms from the United States. Can you imagine the site of U.S made armored tanks rolling along the streets of Cairo in an effort to silence the voices of persecuted Coptic Christians or subjugated women under Shariah law?

In the world affairs arena, we are seeing a clear and present danger by the Obama administration in its support of the totalitarian, brutally repressive and supremacist doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood as a way to thwart the power grab of the Salafists. Keeping in mind that Sharia is about power, and not faith, the will of the Muslim Brotherhood is to eventually overthrow the U.S. government and create a world-wide Caliphate, and it is certainly true of the extreme Salafist Jihadism.

At the very least, the American people must DEMAND that the foreign aid to Egypt be accompanied with the following stipulations:

1. Aid will be pulled if the military arsenal is used against the religious minorities.

2. There be a United Nations investigation regarding the brutal treatment of women in Egypt and exploitation of the permissibility of polygamy per Islamic law.



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