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Just Follow Your Heart

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Sonia Genevieve-Sherri Says… “When All Else Fails, Just Follow Your Heart!”

Or maybe it means listening to the inner voice that speaks solely from your heart and following its guidance. This incredible organ has the power that transcends – Our central engine room in us that can make us want to dance with the delightful, feel delicious, thrilling, deep, tender and even indescribably young again. Once the heart is captured it takes what is ordinary and transforms it into something enchanted. It holds atomic power than takes two distinctly different individuals and somewhere in the middle causes them to consider unmeasurable possibilities. The often painful apposing side which unfortunately can be the sad reality is that one follows their heart and the final result was great personal pain. It leave a question, what does it really mean and how will we know that it is leading us into our future destiny. There may not be any clear definition that encapsulates it, like art, it can often be hard to define however let’s take a clearer look at some of the obvious indicators and the art of ‘heart discernment’.

Your body receives the direction, and your soul knows it to be true. We can describe our decision process as an intertwining between brain waves and emotional leading that become a collection of neurons and we can ever associate our heart as actively responding to what has become our motivational behavior. I’m sure that you have experienced this type of inner pull to go and do certain things in your life. You may feel an enormous tug all of a sudden to pick up the phone and call a friend or relative that’s been on your mind. You may have walked into a crowded room, laid eyes on someone for the first time and within minutes of talking feel like you have known them forever or maybe you just decide one day to drive to a lake or beach, and sit with nature only to find yourself connecting to a person who deeply needed your wisdom and understanding. The result is that it made you FEEL good! This could be referred to as our internal active conviction which moves and shapes your conduct. It leads you to go beyond what is considered comfortable and sees the heart dominion as the realm from which all things visible come into expression. It challenges sense-knowledge by way of heart-knowledge.

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In observing the heart being led; you will note certain undeniable messages outworking beyond common normality, still within reason yet bringing great pleasure to do so, and their body and soul tells them that it is true. This therefore entails our devotion, to capture a lesson or emotion in the purist of if’s outworking. These messages make us feel good and they come to validate that we should continue on this path. However I have also come to recognize that if these ongoing messages start to slow ones active movement down physically, mentally or emotionally. Them it would be advisable to rethink the direction, and listen more closely. Despite the best science, therapy or ethical understanding if a heart doesn’t have a reason to keep pursuing, it won’t. By all means it is a gift to listen to our heart. It will give us a wealth of information to be used on a daily basis but always remain mindful that check points are required and wisdom aligned in truth are the hallmark of every great decision.

Like peanut butter and jelly. You run the numbers, you weigh the similarities, you measure the distance between here and there, and it all adds up in the path you were always intended to journey. But still, if you want to follow your heart you have to listen to it. And sometimes sadly it says that even if the math works, the journey doesn’t. Finally the heart of discernment provides a synthetic commitment that goes beyond self-interest, further than personal gratification and executes itself in a healthy outcome.  I personally think it’s worth listening to, do you? 


REGION: Australia
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