The Things We Say Oct03


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The Things We Say

Sonia Genevieve-Sherri Says… “Death and Life Are In the Power of the Tongue.”

Ultimately words can either ‘fight, flee or flourish’ our relationships. Every one of us is a combination of what we say, what we think, what we do, what we feel (express, emote, etc.) Therefore we are all capable of saying the wrong thing! This is where this profound word called forgiveness comes in. You see you cannot talk yourself out of feelings of violation or anger or hurt. That’s because these emotions are actually pressure in the body.

They have to be felt and released from the cell tissue. And as we release this energy, we find that each emotion has a sound. When we release these hurts or vibrations we begin to clear the words and feelings associated. Inside of each of us is, a wise voice and a small, hurt voice. Always go back to that wise one…that voice that tells you to bring a stop to a negitive cycle. Part of the reason forgiveness is challenging is largely because this is where the internal soul requirement comes into play.

A wise sage once said: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it, eat its fruit.” In all honesty we are not the fruit connoisseurs of life, so why dwell on who put you down? Wouldn’t it be better to let it go and cherish those that hold you up? I am personally making an attentive decision that wherever I go, whoever I’m with, no matter what the weather of their words, I’m bringing my sunshine.

Abstract from a full article by Sonia-Genevieve Sherri  |