Coaching You to Total Wellness Oct17


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Coaching You to Total Wellness

Introducing Monica Fink… One of the Nation’s Premier Certified Holistic Health Practitioners.

For years I experienced health problems and struggled with being overweight. If any of you can relate to this, you already know the effects that can have on a person’s mental outlook as well. Fortunately I was blessed with a strong stubborn streak (a great big thanks to my Italian and Irish ancestors!) and I eventually found help. After experiencing my own personal transformation over seven years ago, I now know my purpose in life is to assist others on their personal journey to a new and better “self” – through better health.

My approach to better health can best be described as holistic. For me, healthy living is about more than proper “diet”, more than even exercise. Most of what you will read in this space will be about fitness and nutrition, but my goal is to help individuals become aware of all the facets of our lives that affect our health – individually, as a community and as a planet. If I can educate, inspire and motivate just one person on their quest for a better life, then together we create a ripple effect that can transform our world one person at a time.

I welcome you into my world of health and fitness and appreciate the time and attention you give to yourself for yourself. May you enjoy and apply the information you receive here….and may you be well!

MONICA FINK –  Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
PHONE: 480.600.0848